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Hockey Stick : Still Sticking

Welcome to the slightly revised and updated Hockey Stick :-

Yes, the Earth’s temperature is warming at a very fast pace. No, even though the statistical models here may be a little questionable, the graph still looks the same, more or less, to the sterling work of Michael Mann et al. (et al. = et alia = “and the others”).

Quelle surprise…pas !

(I included a little French in here because Steve McIntyre, the most infamous Global Warming septic…oops, sorry, “sceptic”…nooo, “skeptic”… is Canadian, a famously bilingual country, or rather a country with a bilingual state, but I’m not implying that “bilingual” means “speaking with forked tongue”).

One reply on “Hockey Stick : Still Sticking”

Does this mean that we didn’t have a mini ice age? And the gentleman from East Anglia who said that the temperature asctual hadn’t been rising, and he had no clue why that was happening was lying? We know he lied about his research, it is unbelieveable to me that Mr Mann can still be pushing his phoney data that is plain to every one with a little of intelegence that he is as crooked as his little hockey stick !

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