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The New Media-Free Phil Jones

The scandal of the Media puff-and-guff affair known as Climategate looks set to have one lasting effect – extreme reticence to talk to the Press on the part of Climate Change Scientists.

Stolen and maliciously-interpreted electronic mail did not betray corruption at Ivory Climate Science Towers; nor provide evidence of professional misconduct; nor give wings to the narrative that the world’s scientific academies were all in cahoots to deceive, fabricate or create any kind of unwarranted slant on Climate Change.

I wrote to the University of East Anglia’s (UEA) Climatic Research Unit (CRU) to convey my felicitations that Professor Phil Jones has been fully reinstated with no dishonour after his token “stepping aside” as the Climategate invective heatwave started rolling off the (virtual) printing presses.

To: Jones Philip Prof (ENV)
Subject: Congratulations on getting your reputation back untarnished

Dear Professor Jones,

I’m so pleased to hear that you have been thoroughly exonerated by the Muir Russell review, and that you have been given back your reputation entirely untarnished.

I admire your courage and your work and I wish you many more years of success and fruitful collaboration in research.

Could you provide me with a couple of sentences on how you feel now that the so-called “Climategate” pseudo-scandal has been officially terminated ?

I would like to publish something from your own thinking on my little website, where I have been unstintingly supportive of you and the global Climate Change Science community.

For example, how do you feel about your new role ? How do you feel in yourself ? Do you know if the University of East Anglia has a new strategy for the administration of Freedom of Information requests in future ? Do you think the Police will ever get to the bottom of what really happened back in November ? What’s your next research challenge and who will you be working alongside for that ?

My kindest regards,


From: UEA Press Office

Dear Jo,

Thank you for your kind support. I’m afraid Phil Jones isn’t doing any interviews at present, however he has issued a statement as below, which I hope will help.

Lisa Horton,
UEA Press Office

Statement from Prof Phil Jones, Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia

I am, of course, extremely relieved that this review has now been completed. We have maintained all along that our science is honest and sound and this has been vindicated now by three different independent external bodies.

There are lessons to be learned from this affair and I need time to reflect on them before speaking in public, particularly given the scope of this report.

Meanwhile, I would like to thank those who have supported me over this period and now I would like to concentrate on my new role as Director of Research in the Climatic Research Centre, which will allow me to focus my full attention on the science of climate change.

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