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The Daily Telegraph : Do Not Resuscitate

Do not resuscitate the Climate Change denier-sceptic body of non-science – do not even attempt to. That is the message from a major study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) in the United States of America :-

The report heavily critiques the role of the mainstream media in keeping the undead, zombie Climate Change denier-sceptic arguments alive and in the public realm :-

“Despite media tendencies to present both sides in ACC [Anthropogenic Climate Change] debates, which can contribute to continued public misunderstanding regarding ACC, not all climate researchers are equal in scientific credibility and expertise in the climate system. This extensive analysis of the mainstream versus skeptical/contrarian researchers suggests a strong role for considering expert credibility in the relative weight of and attention to these groups of researchers in future discussions in media, policy, and public forums regarding anthropogenic climate change…”

The Daily Telegraph’s response ? Publish the views of some Climate Change denier-sceptics.

“Climate change sceptic scientists ‘less prominent and authoritative’ : Scientists who believe in man-made climate change are more esteemed than those who actively oppose the concept, according to a new paper…Judith Curry, a climate expert at the Georgia Institute of Technology – who was not part of the analysis – called the study “completely unconvincing” while John Christy of University of Alabama claimed he and other climate sceptics included in the survey were simply “being blacklisted” by colleagues…Roger Pielke Jr, of the University of Colorado, told that some scientists were put into a group despite holding a more moderate viewpoint…”

There you have it – a classic example of exactly what the PNAS paper is criticising !

Look guys – the so-called “debate” is over. The science has moved on and settled in a new paradigm of understanding. Climate Change denier-sceptics are living in an angry, underfed bubble, a parallel hypothetical unreal universe.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fact, and based on the basic Laws of Physics. There is accumulating real data for the positive feedbacks (with negative consequences) of the theorised Anthropogenic Climate Change.

The Climate Change denier-sceptics are living in the dark ages – at the level of scientific discussion of human civilisation at around the time of their fabled “Medieval Warm Period”. We know from the science of studying historical records that the Christian Roman Catholic Church pronounced authoritatively on all things “natural” during that period – without sound evidence. I expect, that were its editors living in the 12th or 13th Century, that the Daily Telegraph would probably back up the approach of the Inquisition – ascribe all natural phenomena to theories based on particular interpretations of Biblical passages.

If the newspapers want us to trust them on Science in future, they have to learn to tell the difference between exaggerated claims (such as the work of Steve McIntyre (a mining geologist), James Delingpole (a journalist), Benny Peiser (a social anthropologist) and Nigel Lawson (a former politician) of the Global Warming Policy Foundation) and genuine research (such as, just to name a few, that from James Hansen, Susan Solomon, Malte Meinshausen, Stefan Rahmstorf, Ben Santer, Michael Mann, Phil Jones, uncle Tom Wigley and all).

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