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Our Great Leader, Phil

[ Left to Right : Phil Thornhill (Campaign against Climate Change), Dr David Adam (The Guardian) ]

I bet you all thought I was going to talk about Professor Phil Jones, who has been completely and utterly exonerated this week :-

But, no. I’m going to report on what Phil Thornhill said on Wednesday at the “Sceptic Backlash” meeting.

Phil Thornhill stood up to speak after we had all heard the wisdom of a stuffed toy on Wednesday evening :-

but that didn’t put him off his stride.

Here are his words, as I noted them :-

– The standard of Media is important.

– It has changed (reference : John Pilger’s “Breaking The Mirror”).

– The Media has been debased [dragged down into the gutter].

– [It is as if] if there’s nothing important going on, the standard of the public debate doesn’t matter.

– But now we have something really serious to deal with… [comment removed]

– Where did all this carp come from [in the current Media] ?

– 1. Vested interests, Fossil Fuels – their source of making money is at risk [from measures on Climate Change] – they are behind the machine of disinformation.

– 2. A political bandwagon – promotion of non-stop growth, neoliberalism, removing regulation. [Margaret] Thatcher, you may remember her – for her Climate Change meant massive regulatory [challenge].

– 3. Climate Change is fundamentally bad news – you have to tell bad news or you are not telling the story.

– Climate Change is a complete game-changer.

– [I say we should not] hit them [Climate Change sceptics] at their own level. Don’t. The more the Science is debated, the more it looks debateable – that is a trap.

– So what do we do ? We shouldn’t be phased by it. Do what we’re doing already and a lot more of it.

– Climate Change has appeared on the front page of a lot of newspapers – even though awareness of it has been of something “bogus”.

– My sense is that it’s a huge controversy – ultimately it will work in our favour – Climate Change has been on the front pages again and over again.

– It looks like there’s going to be a big fight about it.

– Australia, it used to be the most effective Climate Change country – 150,000 people marching – it’s the opposite now – dominated by a sceptic movement.

– We’re not going to win by being rational and nice.

– We are asking for a revolution – not quite the revolution that some are asking for.

– It’s going to be a big fight. We shouldn’t be afraid of it.

– David [Adam] said “don’t worry” – but we’re on a trajectory to catastrophe.

– The national debate is not working. We need to stoke it up. We need our side up there at them.

– When they shout and bully we need to shout back.

– We shouldn’t think we shouldn’t look emotional about it.

– People won’t think there’s a big problem unless people are getting upset about it. We need more people on the streets, shovelling coal off trains – we still need to do that – a big hell of a conflict.

– The Climate sceptics get the news are they are “guerillas” – attacking the consensus. We need to knock that – do what they do – attack the political consensus.

– We want to wind everybody up by proposing a national speed limit of 55 miles per hour – that’s our way to do what they’re [Climate sceptics] are doing.

There followed a question and answers session.

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