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The Power of Love

Isn’t the Earth amazing ? Doesn’t it inspire you to awe ?

And look how we human beings continue to mess the nest, burn the sky, smoke out children’s lungs, tarmac over paradise. We tear down trees to turn to kitchen paper and throwaway napkins. We carve up Nature so we can feast every day. We turn the whole world ocean into a chemistry set so we can have exotic plastics, fertilisers and inks.

Yes, we’re small, but we’re too significant. Our abuse of fossil fuels means we could still be responsible for the genocide of not only ourselves, but the vivicide of the rest of Life on Earth.

How much do you love the world around you ? Can’t you feel the power of the habitat you thrive in ? Don’t you appreciate the sky, rivers, forests, fields ? From the smallest little bug to the mightiest whale there’s a zillion things going on, all interacting with each other.

And there’s intelligence of different kinds encoded into everything.

A spider smaller than the size of my little fingernail can think well enough to change its strategy when it falls into running water (first, scramble; and if that doesn’t work, curl up in a ball).

And trees the size of palaces somehow manage to send their roots towards water.

And big, heavy birds can take off by coasting just above the surface of water, until they’ve built the momentum to fly.

Don’t you love it ? Wouldn’t you rather keep it ?

The humans are damaging this precious web of life, but isn’t Nature incredible ? I love a good storm, but it can sometimes be overwhelming. Not even the wildest, fiercest anti-flying campaign has been able to ground all the aircraft in the whole of Europe, but a volcano can.

Oh go on then…some videos from the Iceland volcano :-

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