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CURRU : Launch of the Climate Unscience Rapid Response Unit

Tiresome ?

You know the feeling. As a scientist or lay person with some inside knowledge on Climate Change, you’re reading your favourite daily newspaper or checking the news online, when an article with outright falsehoods in it really leaps out at you, grabs you by the throat and makes you very, very annoyed and FTB.

Being Full To Bursting, you make a mental note to write a letter to the Media organisation, or phone somebody and be very stern with them, but during the course of the day you are forced to engage with your normal duties and you reach nightfall tired and unable to pen the letter or lift the phone to make a complaint.

It’s really wearing.

Solution ?

Everybody is already busy doing their daily jobs – it’s not easy to consecrate the time to feedback on Climate Change scepticism in the national and international Press – and it’s nobody’s paid role to come back with a correction within the usual window of 24 hours.

What we are seeing is continual build-up of disinformation denying the facts and risks of Global Warming and the changing climate, with nothing to correct the public perception.

What we need is a Rapid Response Unit for the Climate, to push back the tide of Unscience, and this is what we are launching today, with your help.

The CURRU will function like a normal e-mail tree – when you find an Climate Change sceptical article with what looks like a new argument, check where it is online, and send the Internet World Wide Web link in an e-mail to 10 people and encourage them to send it to 10 more – asking for somebody, anybody to respond to the article within 24 hours.

We want to see sceptical articles debunked within 24 hours on a popular Internet channel, so that it gets onto Google’s main index. Then people who are curious can check to find a rebuttal to anything they have read and felt unsure about.

Conclusion ?

This kind of “crowd reaction” is the way that the Climate Change sceptics operate, and it is very successful. We need to adopt the same mechanism to make sure the truth gets out there into the public domain.

People have been confused and misled by the sceptics for long enough. It’s time to fight back.

Will you join us ?

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