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The Gospel According to NASA

Here at the Church of Holy Science, we believe the precept of Following the Truth of the Data, wherever that data leads us.

The two month period January to February 2010 was the (wait for it…) third warmest January-February out of the whole 131 years of the instrumental record.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. It was cold where I was, as well. But cold here does not mean cold everywhere.

The Blog Chart tells the story of the warming trend of Earth, and February 2010 gets a resounding HOT marker :-

The surface of the Earth is warming up. It’s our fault. We need to slow down and reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions.

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I am running into something new, gardening fundamentalists. We have here in Seattle a wonderful book on what to grow and when in this unusual little section of the country. It is the gardening good book… except it was written when our climate was different just a few decades ago.

I am learning that it is better to experiment than follow the book. We not only had a January this year that showed March day temperatures and April night temperatures, but it is continuing to be strange. Consequently, I directly sowed a dozen different seed types as much as two months early…. everything came up… and so far is maintaining.

Now I find the experts scorning me for not following ‘the book’.

I figure that in the Northwest U,S., this year every outdoor plant was in an experiment.


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