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The Truth-Tellers Collective

There appears to be a group of reliable truth-tellers building, out there in Web Log Land. The YouTube at the top is from Peter Sinclair and his “Climate Denial Crock of the Week” series. Always worth watching. A calming breath of fresh sane air for the mind :-

Here are some other active minds that I highly recommend :-

Always start with RealClimate, if you can handle the deepest scientific reasoning :-

John Cook of Skeptical Science : open access, fair and authoritative :-

Tim Lambert and the incisive, nay, surgical strike Deltoid Science Blog :-

Oisín Little and his Climate Change News Digest – sometimes subtle, unfailingly perceptive presentation of the new news about recurring misunderstandings :-

Joseph Romm at Climate Progress is always biting off the hand that feeds us garbage – although he doesn’t appear to have punctured the imperialistic, corporate-sponsored ideology of Cap and Trade, yet :-

Tim Holmes and his Convenient Lies :-

And the “magisterial” DeSmogBlog always gets a slice of my daily reading bandwidth for their dogged determination to uncover deception :-

I would like to see Ben Goldacre apply more of his razor-sharp lamp light to Climate Change, but he’s a bit sporadic as he is occupied with other Bad Science most of the time :-

And for brain dessert, occasionally, I monitor The Stoat :-

Or Energy Bulletin :-

And sometimes, the Grist mill :-

Big Question of The Month : where are the women ?

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