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Christopher Booker : Lie Of The Land

Yet more apparently brazen disinformation from Christopher Booker, who seems to want to whip up such a sentiment of old schoolmasterly rage, that many a poor young sap will cower at his claims :-

“What the weatherman never said : Might the beginning of Lent not be an appropriate time for a little repentance, asks Christopher Booker. : By Christopher Booker : Published: 20 Feb 2010 : As the roof continues to fall in on them, in an endless succession of scandals, the beleaguered defenders of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change…”

I’m afraid I’m going to have to stop you right there, Booker, old pal. Nothing could be further from the truth : the rafters are still on the building and the tiles have not even lifted in the breeze.

And as for the scandals, these are fabricated nonsense, molehills made into mountains by anti-science people who seem like fanatics…such as…you, perhaps ?

“…Sir John Houghton – one of the IPCC’s founders and long a key figure in the production of its increasingly alarmist reports as chairman of its scientific Working Group I…”

The word “alarmist” is not correct for such a conservative body as the IPCC and their very conservative reports that seek to carefully lay out the risks and evidence of damages from changing climate in a fair and balanced way.

“…But if Sir John believes it is time for us all to don sackcloth and ashes, perhaps he himself could meditate on the way in which, a few years back, he was tireless in promoting the notorious “hockey stick” graph, used by the IPCC to fool the world into thinking that global temperatures had lately been soaring to levels unprecedented in history. This turned out to be the greatest scientific error in the IPCC’s history. Even after the “hockey stick” had been devastatingly exposed as no more than the result of trickery with a computer program…”

The justifiably famous “Hockey Stick” graph, composed by Michael Mann and his colleagues from an array of sources on global temperatures has not only stood the test of time, it has also survived numerous inspections and validations by those whose opinions count.

Thankfully, Christopher Booker’s opinion does not carry much weight, except amongst his allegedly fact-denying readers and chums.

Christopher Booker is incorrect to claim that the the “Hockey Stick” graph was used to “fool the world”. The “Hockey Stick” has in fact been a tool to convince many policymakers that serious action on Climate Change is a necessity.

Unfortunately, the truth about Climate Change Science does not appear to have been absorbed by the combined might of the brains of the web loggers and journalists of the Daily Telegraph.

The world is warming, it’s our fault, and we have to control Carbon Dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases.

“…As a propagandist…”

Dismissing Sir John Houghton as a “propagandist” with all the negative meaning attached to it, is a personal attack of the lowest kind, and I trust that Christopher Booker will retract it.

“…as a Christian scientist, might the beginning of Lent not be an appropriate time for him to engage in a little repentance of his own?”

By contrast, I think it’s time for Christopher Booker to get on his knees and apologise for what appears to be an unrelenting catalogue of untruths and slurs.

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I look forward to the day (and it won’t be long in coming) when the only times Booker is referred to will be as studies into the mindset that allowed him to be thought of as some sort of ‘expert’ (by a minority, of course) who warranted publishing and being listened to. Future generations will shake their heads in bewilderment.

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