Glenn Beck : Open Season

I trust that my devoted following of…a few…will be generally amused by this ‘tube.

It is to be hoped that Glenn Beck reflects on how ridiculous his position is.

Now before anyone accuses me of telling Glenn Beck to resign from his media programmes (sigh), which I’m patently not, let me be clear that when I said “how ridiculous his position is”, I meant “how ridiculous his position on Global Warming is”.

Glenn Beck has repeatedly declared open season on Global Warming science and Climate Change politics from a position of apparent ignorance. This isn’t helping.

It would be in his own interest to learn a little about the science of Global Warming, then he might be able to make a valid argument.

In fact, I think it would be useful to all of us to learn a little more, so I think I might start an online series of short articles on the Science of Global Warming.

Moreover, if anyone from the mainstream Media reads this (and you know who you are), then do get in touch and I’ll come to your offices (or videoconference with you) and do some flipchart-and-marker workshops with you and your colleagues about the basic science of Climate Change.

It would really be helpful if journalists covering Climate Change knew what they were talking about.

“…The more fair portion of my brain may offer that most in the US media have their fingers in their ears, their hands over their eyes while stomping their feet and screaming: You can’t make us look at the facts! The cynical portion of my brain is more convinced most in the US media are much worse – mere propagandists. How else to explain their parroting of climate change lies and sneering at those of us who’ve done our research?…”

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Oh boy!

A US spat between nonentities on cable TV and a radio show.

Meanwhile those in the US under three foot of snow that according to the likes of Al Gore and other alarmists should not be there, are asking “What the f***?”

As for who lies on a US radio/cable TV show?

Who cares?

I am more intersted in why the CRU blocked valid FOI requests and why the data Jones based his theory on have disapeared here in the UK?

Jo – your trawling the www for snippets of Alarmist belief does you no favours.

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