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The World Warms Up

The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Climatic Data Center in their monthly “State of the Climate”, state :-

“Selected Global Highlights for January 2010 : The combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for January 2010 was 0.60°C (1.08°F) above the 20th century average of 12.0°C (53.6°F). This is the fourth warmest January on record…”

How can this be ? The newspapers have been saying that Global Warming is just a confused scare story, or perhaps a tax-begging scam, or a bunch of self-important technologists on a gravy train creating false alarm to justify their funding streams – nothing to worry about. And of course, we can believe the mainstream Media implicitly. There are rules about the quality and accuracy of reporting.

Are NOAA sure they’ve checked that their thermometers are calibrated properly ? It all seems rather worrying that such a large American Science agency should be claiming that January 2010 was so warm when there has been all that snow and rain and ice about. The Media tried to point out this bad weather, but the scientists just carried on measuring high temperatures.

When are we going to see signs that the World is warming up ?

When are the social movements going to rise up and demand the mainstream Media start showing responsibility for accurate Science reporting ?

We all know that since the Temporary Economic Downturn (otherwise known as the Permanent Financial Downtick) the Non-Governmental Organisations, charities and development agencies are strapped for cash and have shed staff. So how is Civil Society going to get the funds and people together to mount a non-violent retaliation to the last few months of Media nonsense ?

Come to that, how can we make a comeback against the last 25 years of Climate Change scepticism and outright belligerent denial ?

It doesn’t come out of nowhere. As the recent publication “Climate Cover-Up” makes clear, there are documented cases of Fossil Fuel companies paying to kick-start Global Warming denial and the promotion of non-solutions such as “Clean Coal”.

Until somebody stumps up some financial assistance for a Media crew to combat all the negative Press, it’s going to be really hard to issue immediate rebuttals to Climate Change denial, which is what is needed to push back this persistent nuisance.

Hands up for those who want to support a Public Relations effort, employing young scientists with communication skills to promote true and accurate Climate Change Science ? I can direct your money to the right people. I have a list of several dozen people who can be relied on to sweep away the cobwebs of traditional reactionary journalism and shine the light of calm Scientific truth.

Here’s a comment from (the young) Joss Garman on the subject of scepticism to demonstrate more on what we are up against :-

Remember : the data is still bad, despite the reassuring Press.

Roger Harrabin (bless), has attempted to call for an “armistice” on Climate Change, but while there are vested interests fighting tooth and claw against effective Carbon policy that’s never going to happen, is it ?

You can disaffect some of the people all the time, but you can’t deceive all the people all of the time.

The Global Warming sceptics have failed to extend their insane denial to the whole population. While a good majority of people refuse to believe the newspapers completely we have a chance to pull this back to rational public discourse.

I hope to be exchanging views with James Delingpole (by e-mail, of course) in the near future on the subject of unhelpful Media interventions on Global Warming Science, making incursions into a field they are not capable of discussing.

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