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Extreme Weather : Global Warming style

“You still get cold days…People say ‘what’s happened to Global Warming ?’…that’s just the weather”, says Gerald Meehl.

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It must be so depressing having to listen to more and more Scientists saying that they disagree with everything you stand for.

You keep posting positive stories, however, they are now being outnumbered across the rest of the blogsphere by 50 – 1.

Seems global warming (now rebranded climate change) scientists can’t lose. If it warm its caused by global warming/climate change. If it is freezing cold it is global warming/climate change.
But, As can be seen from the met office’s latest forcasts for the summer and winter they are only able to predict climate retrospectively with their climate change models. If they try and predict anything in the future seem always to be WRONG!!!!

Hei Jo, It’s properly cold in Stavanger again this winter – the second consecutive cold winter with more than the lightest dusting of snow.
I’m told by some that this is ‘weather not climate’ and has no bearing on the hot-air affect, or that it is an observation of ‘the statistically uneducated’.
My question is when do trends in weather officially become climate trends? after 10 years?, 30?, 100? a millenia?
20th century warming attributed to man was based a 30 year trend. The +0.6C gain has been lost from average temperatures in the last two years following a decade of stable or declining temperatures. None of which was predicted by any IPCC or Met office modelling.
When is this science considered settled (by that I mean by unambiguous observation, not by a vote of party faithful at the United nothing-doers).

Hei Jo, It’s been snowing again this winter in Stavanger – 20 odd cm, like last winter which was unusual.
I am told by some that this is ‘proof of global warming’ because warmer oceans result in more evaporation, higher humidity results in more precipitation.
All well and good, however I am having trouble with the fact that this extra precipitation due to global warming is falling as snow not the more usual rain, across much of the Northern hemisphere.
How does global warming lead to this and why has the IPCC modeling failed completely to warn us that in addition to biblical rises in sea level and more intense hurricanes that Global Warming will also result in death by more frequent snowfall?

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