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Dude, Where’s My Climate ?

Some of you are probably thinking, “what a crummy out-of-date cliched non-joke of a title !”, but I’m hoping for some web hits on the basis that corny can be cute, sometimes.

But what on Earth do I mean ? Well, just where is Climate Change in the Media ? It is the Number One story of all human time, so why does it still only occupy so few column inches and Tweets and Press Releases and web logs and TV programmes and printed communications, and why do the Westerner populations still think that money is still more important than an inhabitable Biosphere ?

Don’t know, but it’s bound to have to do with cultural inertia, how very slowly the Press, TV and social communications guys and gals are waking up to the overarching problems of Global Climate Change.

Here’s Andy Revkin bouncing off the statistical wall :-

You’d have thought that Climate Change could perhaps occupy more neural networks than North Korea and Gaza, but you’d be wrong.

So what’s causing this insane lack of perspective ? Why doesn’t the Risk of Total Environmental Catastrophe dominate the News ? Isn’t it somehow more significant than the threat of acts of terrorist violence ?

And what can we do to bring Climate Change to the forefront of peoples’ imaginations and the front pages of the newspapers ?

Should there be a new convention established, to put a summary of the latest Climate indicators on the top of every web page and the front of every magazine ?

Does there need to be a mass induction of journalists and reporters into Climate Change Science ?

Will all the Climate Change institutions and universities in academia hire their own Public Relations guys and gals ?

2 replies on “Dude, Where’s My Climate ?”

you’re right. Majority doesn’t believe in it. It is easier to believe in money and behave like a moron, and salivate over new electronic gadgets, and work like a slave to pay loans…well, good luck to you and the like of you.

I remember different times; I lived in “socialist” country in eastern Europe and my world changed abruptly. To worse. I see climate changing and environment and human spirit quickly degrading, I don’t need media to tell me that.

And I will fight to preserve what’s left.


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