Climate Change

Carbon Dioxide : Global Overheating

As time goes by, the Science of Geology becomes more and more convinced that Carbon Dioxide is the major driver in Global Overheating.

It’s not the only cause of Global Warming, but it’s the factor that explains the high swings in warming and cooling, above and beyond any other explanation or cause.

Research is continually being published that confirms the role of Carbon Dioxide in the warming and cooling of the Earth throughout its history.

Periods of Earth history that were thought to be puzzles are now showing evidence of the same main driver as the current modern Global Warming : the accumulation of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

For example, the Middle Miocene, once thought to be an anomaly shows concurrency, after new data collection :-

“Coupling of CO2 and Ice Sheet Stability Over Major Climate Transitions of the Last 20 Million Years : …During the Middle Miocene, when temperatures were approximately 3° to 6°C warmer and sea level was 25 to 40 meters higher than at present, pCO2 [indicating amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere] appears to have been similar to modern levels.”

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