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Climate Radio : Essential Listening

The normally cool and collected Phil England gets really steamy under the collar in his “Copenhagen Daily #11” out there on Climate Radio.

It is imperative essential listening :-

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Hi Jo,

Just stumbled accross this an article by Geoge Monbiot.

I’m no lover of energy companies who a I count as one of the biggest goroups climate change hypocrites.
But as you were calling for a police investigation and criminal prosecutions regarding for the people who obtained the CRU emails (and their Climate Change models source code although this is never mentioned by the BBC0. Just like to ask were you calling for Greenpeace to be arrested when this happened?

Are you enjoying the unseasonbly cold weather we are having in the UK at the moment. When did we last have a white Christmas? Although no doubt you can’t judge the climate on single event. ACG propergandists like the BBC are crowing if we have a few nice days in summer about how it proves global warming. Green double standards again.

Were you with the dupes in Copenhagen protesting in favour of the global elite taking power and wealth from ordinary people for themselves? When I was child “green” was an insult you called someone who was naive, easily duped and taken advantage of. Looking at the dupes protesting in their polar bear suits it still has the same meaning today.


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