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It’s the Media, Stupid !

Some news organisations try really hard to bring you crack-up-to-date, snazzy, intriguing, hot-off-the-press narrative on the unfolding chaos of Climate Change.

Other news organisations think that writing about “Climategate”, as if it were a genuine challenge to Climate Change Science, is a serious piece of journalism.

But they’re wrong; so, so wrong.

The real story is Climate Change. It’s here, and it’s happening now. And it’s frightening.

That’s right, all of you denier-sceptics rush over and pile in and start pointing fingers at me and shouting that I’m an alarmist. Doesn’t change the facts : the facts are alarming. If you’re not alarmed about Climate Change you must be under a wicked hypnotic spell cast by the wizards of lying confusion.

Yes, the Media have happily gone along with the Climate Change denier-sceptics, publishing endless column inches that have caused their readers to puzzle over the veracity of the Science.

Let’s be clear now : it’s not big and it’s not clever and it’s certainly not funny for the Press to keep the discredited views of this exceedingly fruity, sometimes loopy, tiny minority in the public eye.

If you’re going to interview a known sceptic for an article, or allow a Climate Change denier to write a column, do us all a favour, would you, and consult the expert authorities from the Science institutions to give their opinion of it at the same time.

Never, ever, ever run a Climate Change Science story without checking with the real scientists. And if you’re not sure who the real scientists are, ask somebody. Like me. I can give you a fair assessment of who is worthwhile asking for views and who is worthwhile avoiding.

You have a responsibility to communicate the truth, not just aim to stimulate reaction from your readership.

You’ve got to keep a level head, steer a straight course and just keep sailing into the truth :-
“’10 years remaining to cut carbon’ : Carbon emissions must start to fall within 10 years to limit the global temperature rise to the crucial 2C mark, experts at the Met Office have warned.” 11 December 2009
“UK Met Office warns carbon emissions must peak by 2020” 10 December 2009
“Third world countries like Bangladesh leave a real-life warning of what we can expect from climate change” 14 December 2009
“Climate change will leave 100million more hungry this century, UN warns”, 11th December 2009

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Who are the credible scientists that support climate warming and who are the credible scientists that question the theory?

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