Ed Miliband Raises His Game

As the last week of Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband naysaying the Climate Change deniers does not seem to have had much impact on turning around the great ship of democratically expressed scepticism on Global Warming, Ed Miliband has turned to Public Relations on telly.

He was pretty direct, but it was like water off a duck’s back for Nigel Lawson, who pointed viewers to a radio programme of a week previously :-

To help you understand what the gentlemen are debating, here are the charts that their opinions are based on, sourced from several major data sets to show balance :-

HadCRUT3 Data set from January 1850 to December 2008 :-

The world’s hottest years ever, ranked, with 2009 provisional :-

Apologies for the pinkness of this next one (in two pieces), but both the Hadley Centre and NASA GISS data sets are plotted here :-

Here’s the granddaddy of all datasets : the GISS data from NASA :-

And here’s the NOAA take on it all :-

Oh, and here’s sea level rise :-

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