Climate Change Contraction & Convergence

Africa Has Now Left The Building (Not)

No, Africa did not walk out on the Barcelona Climate talks. Africa needs a global Climate deal. They are insisting that the rich/developed nations make firm commitments on Greenhouse Gas Emissions reductions, is all.

Great Britain has since managed to bailout the Banks, once more. Some of these Banks are financing Carbon-intensive projects, so you could say that the UK is investing in Climate megadeath in Africa. The Africa Group is entitled to strong feelings of injustice. Listen and watch at Climate Radio for a strong analysis :-

“Africa ends boycott at U.N. climate talks : Wed Nov 4, 2009 : By Alister Doyle and Gerard Wynn : BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) – African nations called off a day-long boycott at U.N. climate talks on Tuesday after winning promises that rich nations would make more efforts to deepen 2020 cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. But the group threatened to repeat the boycott if there was no progress in discussions on Wednesday. “We were able to arrive at a solution,” John Ashe, an official of Antigua and Barbuda who chairs negotiations among parties to the U.N.’s existing Kyoto Protocol, told delegates at the 175-nation meeting in Barcelona. “Failure … in tomorrow’s discussions will give us no option but a suspension,” of the talks again, said Pa Ousman Jarju from the delegation of Gambia, one of leading countries which organised the Africa boycott…”

Offers of Mitigation and Adaptation to Africa are welcome, and nececssary, but they do not answer Africa’s main call for pledges of binding commitments on emissions reductions from the main developed countries :-

What Africa wants is Contraction and Convergence : the contraction of the industrialised economy emissions, and a convergence to equal rights to emit for everyone.

Not such a large thing to ask for : equality and survival :-

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