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Friends First, Science Second

I must say, the Daily Telegraph gets top marks for loyalty.

On the occasion of the publication of a book based on Global Warming myths and mendacities, by Christopher Booker, the author himself gets a huge chunk of online column to promote himself, his views and his opus, without the shred of a question about a possible conflict of interest :-

And this, after a year of put-downs and villifications from other writers and journalists, and even scientists…The Daily Telegraph seems to want to reward him for his sceptical bravery in the face of this onslaught of negative vibe about the man’s mission to repudiate the rising tide of Global Warming.

How Christopher Booker justifies to himself that he can hold a valid opinion about Climate Change science is beyond me. He doesn’t seem to do very well in in science, generally. For example, he is a man, who according to Wikipedia, “claimed…white asbestos is “chemically equivalent to talcum powder”” :-

He doesn’t appear to have followed any study course in Climate Change, or even Geography, as far as I can find out. He may be able to pleasingly place one word after the other in a way that is grammatically correct, but he doesn’t seem to have a science leg to stand on.

The “Real Global Warming Disaster”, perhaps, is that Christopher Booker’s Press and Media pals stick closer to him than fly paper, even when it looks very much like he’s flogging a dead donkey. To paraphrase David Miliband’s scriptwriter, this is perhaps a veritable case of “friends first, science second” :-,2009-10-01

I wonder when, and if, The Spectator magazine is going to join in and review Christopher Booker’s book to loud acclaim ? And will Melanie Phillipps pipe up to sing his praises ? And will The Register write a “laughing boy” piece to celebrate his tome ? And when/if will James Delingpole bring out the triple choc icecream and wafers for some celebration dessert ?

All remains to be exhumed.

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