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The Great Miliband Brothers’ Flying Circus

It’s like they say on tee-shirts : “Look busy, Jesus is coming !”

The Great Miliband Brothers’ Flying Circus has come to town and told us to look sharp and get active :-

“From The Times : October 23, 2009 : Foreign Secretary David Miliband accuses public of climate change apathy : Hannah Devlin : The Foreign Secretary accused the public yesterday of lacking a sense of urgency in the face of the potentially devastating consequences of climate change. David Miliband said that people had grown apathetic about the issue when they needed to be galvanised into action before the Copenhagen climate change summit in December. “For a lot of people the penny hasn’t dropped that this climate change challenge is real and is happening now,” he said. “There isn’t yet that feeling of urgency and drive and animation about the Copenhagen conference.” Mr Miliband and his brother, Ed Miliband, the Climate Change Secretary, were opening an exhibition at the Science Museum in South Kensington designed to illustrate the potential impact of world temperatures increasing by 4C. Current models predict that this could happen by 2060 if no action is taken. Mr Miliband warned of water and food shortages, mass migration and conflict. A map unveiled at the exhibition showed temperatures increasing by up to 15C in the Arctic, storm surges hitting the East Coast of Britain and forest fires and droughts in Europe. Ed Miliband said that only 18 per cent of people believed that climate change would affect their children…”

La, la, la, fingers in our ears.

I mean, if you show us a Government-funded TV advertisement with cartoon tearful bunnies and drowning dogs, how exactly are we supposed to take you seriously ?

The percentage of people who actually care about Climate Change has remained pretty static for a decade. There’s no changing that.

The number of people who try to actually do something about Climate Change has remained small. That’s because it’s currently so expensive and a nuisance.

Let’s turn our attention to the suppliers of dirty power, shall we ? If the Energy companies produced clean Renewable power and used Fossil Fuels more efficiently and switched out of dirty Fossil Fuels, then we wouldn’t need to have the Great Milibands taking us to one side and correcting us.

It’s not our fault you haven’t got your Energy Policy up to scratch. We have been trying to tell you we don’t want Coal and we don’t want Nuclear. And you keep trying to sell us expensive “clean” Coal and expensive new Nuclear. At our own expense. No wonder people don’t like it.

If you gave people the Energy technology vote (after you’ve given them the full facts, not the Media propaganda from corporate Press Releases), then would people say yes to Renewables, as well as no to Coal and no to Nuclear ? Maybe, maybe not. But does public opinion count ?

What do the experts and engineers say ? You’ve not even begun to hear the full spectrum.

If the public cannot give you the signs you need, and you make bad choices about which experts you listen to, you need to use stronger, more perceptive leadership skills.

Stop messing about with our heads through the Media and get on with providing clean, safe, affordable, Renewable Energy to the country. And stop blaming the children who forget to turn the lights off.

Everyone has the right to clean, cheap, safe, sustainable Energy. We don’t want to be forced to pay for glow-in-the-dark radioactive Power Waste clean up and costly Carbon Capture through our taxes.

The reason the public have no sense of urgency about Climate Change is because there have been influential voices drowning out the voices of alarm for years. Isn’t it time this was stopped ?

An exhibition in a public museum is great, but will anyone believe it any more than they believe in flying cars or the purported benefits of war or genetically modified food ?

If you want to give the public the message about the serious, urgent, present issues of Climate Change, you need to declare a State of Emergency, in my view. It’s coming. Maybe in Australia first of all. But it’s coming.

Let Gordon Brown address the nation on primetime TV and tell us truthfully we are up a creek with an absent paddle. Let him tell us how our taxes will be used to prevent emissions, not clear them up with Carbon Capture.

Let him tell us how the IPCC reports guide us to switching out of Coal, beefing up Energy Conservation, increasing efficiency by regulation, ramping up Renewables really quickly and so on. Announce policies for a complete change of direction in Energy in the UK.

The apathy and fatigue is evenly spread throughout the nation. Don’t blame the public when you need to get your own house in order.

One reply on “The Great Miliband Brothers’ Flying Circus”

“That’s because it’s currently so expensive and a nuisance”

Not exactly. It’s because it’s a load of old tosh, based on computer models, rather than the real world, which is cooling down and generally not caring about CO2 levels, which are pretty much self-regulating (most of it’s in the sea) and without which we would all be dead.

I see the Science Museum poll is going well…

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