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It’ll All End In Tears

Tears Before Bedtime

The UK Government’s latest infommercial on Climate Change is appallingly bad. It has been aired on television for millions of unsuspecting soap opera addicts.

It’s yet another attempt to frame ordinary consumer-citizens for the Global Warming crisis – claiming that 40% of all emissions are down to us – the television viewer.

There is a huge question here : why is it that the consumer-citizens still only have Carbon Energy provided for them ?

The reason why the consumer-citizens create so much in terms of Greenhouse Gas emissions is because the Government and the Companies are still stuck in yesteryear, using “dinosaur” Energy supply technologies and selling us “ancient sunlight” transport fuel.

The electricity we have supplied to our homes should all be Renewable, then we wouldn’t need to be told how guilty we all are.

It’ll All End In Tears

Who commissioned this advertisement ? It’s outrageous !

Picturing Climate Change as a fairytale bedtime story doesn’t do much to uphold the scientific evidence.

I’ve spoken with people in the last couple of months about the clear and real everyday signs of Climate Change in their backyards, and it really isn’t a childrens’ cartoon book.

The advertisement has already been panned, derided and rubbished, and rightly so.

It’s the poorest attempt at propaganda, and it’s the most inappropriate contextualisation of the problems.

Back to the storyboard, ActOnCO2 !

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