Bait & Switch Climate Change

The Unemotional Jeremy Clarkson

According to The Peoples’ Jeremy Clarkson, and the IPPR, the facts appear to show that people are “bored” with Climate Change.

“He said: “Every time they put a climate change programme on, 42 people will watch that, eight million or seven million will watch Top Gear. I think people are rather bored with the idea of climate change and, when we do get a lovely day, let’s just enjoy it, not get guilty.””

Well, Jezza dear, I can repudiate your claim.

I wrote a couple of little letters to newpapers and journalists, questioning their qualifications to write about Climate Change, and suddenly, the number of people reading pages on my little web log rocketed.

Admittedly, most of them appear to have been cynical, unpleasant folk, judging by the commentary here :-

Ouch !

I think I might have hit a raw nerve there.

But anyway, Jeremy, I think you’ll find it proves that people are very much interested in Climate Change.

(Can I hide now, please ?)

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