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Drax Coal Train Protesters

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So, what do you think would be appropriate Community Service orders for the 29 men and women who held up the coal train to Drax “the Destroyer” power station in June 2008 ?

Should they be sentenced to build a straw bale, lime and mud community centre in Liverpool ? Should they be required to host Permaculture seminars in inner London ? Should they be asked to take part in leafletting and campaigning for the 10:10 campaign ?

After all, the biggest service that the Climate Camp protesters could offer to the community would be to build the movement for the Low Carbon Transition.

And that needs community building for Transition Town groups, Low Carbon education services, media campaigns, skills training for such things as solar power installation, bicycle repair workshops and hosting democratic meetings.

I think the Drax Coal Train protesters should be given Community Service in Climate Change communications, Food Growing, Community Kitchens, Low Carbon Lifestyle education, Insulation Services, Energy Reduction and Human-powered Transport projects.

They have already shown us that they serve the community, by highlighting the terrible contribution to Climate Change from Coal burning. Let them continue to serve us by doing what they do best : resisting Fossil Fuels.

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Interesting and synchronous that you mention permaculture and straw bale…I would definitely agree with your recommendations.

I am one of those sentenced on Friday and I am a permaculture teacher and straw bale builder! Sadly it is likely that I will be spending 2 weeks cleaning grafitti off walls in Hackney, although I will try to get them to place me with a community growing project that I know of… we’ll see how enlightened my probation officer is.

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