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Something For The Weekend ?

London’s great : there’s so much to do. Or rather, so much to buy.

If you want to spend oodles of your hard-earned on clothes that will fall apart in seconds, and are made by child or slave labour, cruise Oxford Street this weekend.

If you want to spend your spare cash on fripperies and fake culture, go to one of London’s open-air markets : Camden, Borough, Greenwich.

If you want to make yourself feel comfortable and well-provided for, head to a super-lit, super-chilled supermarket and stock up on loads of processed carbohydrates and fat to put in your big-burner freezer back home in your energy-hog home.

But what if you want to expend less Fossil Fuel Energy, waste less of Earth’s natural resources, exploit other people less ?

You already know what I’m going to invite you to do, why do I need to say it ?

Come to Climate Camp this weekend for a Carbon-busting, soul-rejuventating, good-Vegan-eating, powerfree music experience.

Learn how Low Carbon doesn’t have to mean Low Culture. Learn how good for the Planet means wellbeing for you. Learn how to light a rocket stove, and drink solar juice.

It’s at Blackheath. It’s free and open and although it’s a makeshift tent city, it’s a solid movement.

Your personal action plan on Climate Change is : spend less money on things that waste Energy and use up vital resources. Buy less stuff. Consume more fun.

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