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Jeremy Clarkson Saves The World

Just happened to walk by the open door when acquaintance was watching Top Gear on TV and heard a remarkable thing : that they aim to Save the World.

I stopped to listen, just for a while. I was highly amused.

Jeremy Clarkson (walking in a forest) : “As we know, plants absorb CO2 and then breathe out oxygen. So why not put plants in the exhaust system of your car ?”

Time into film : 0:30.53

He then proceeds to drive a Range Rover with a greenhouse attached to the back on wheels (yes) full of tomato plants.

Back in the studio :-

Jeremy Clarkson : “How many tomato plants do you need to get rid of the emissions from a Range Rover ?”

James May or Richard Hammond : “400,000…your greenhouse would have to be six miles long.”

Time into film : 0:33.37

So Jezza demonstrates another option : putting the exhaust of another car through a chemical filter :-

Jeremy Clarkson : “…This Apollo 13 home made filter. Full of limestone crystals…which they use to absorb the CO2 in those huge Australian mines…Absolutely no Carbon Dioxide is coming out of that car !”

Hammond : “Those little rocks…how far can you go before they all get clogged up and they can’t absorb any more ?”

Clarkson : “On a motorway, 6 miles.”

May : “Cost to renew ?”

Clarkson : “75 pounds…If science can make Genetically Modified Wheat they can make those absorb more. I really do think we’re on to something here…”

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Sorry Jo
I couldn’t watch all the relevant bit as the sight of all those wide eyed people standing around in a studio hanging on his every word made me feel nauseous….

I strongly believe Jeremy Clarkson to be a closet environmentalist … his whole business is to be a self-parody of the stupidity of car mania. The man is clearly intelligent and knows just what’s going on.

Oliver is right. My ex-boss (environmental picture library) from many moons ago is a neighbour of JC’s. Via his feedback I can confirm that JC’s wife is an ardent environmentalist and that JC himself maintains a dual personality for the purposes of keeping up the TV ratings!

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