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This last year has seen a fine crop of fake Climate Change activist newspapers.

First it was the turn of the Yes Men (and others) with their 4th July 2009 New York Times newspaper circulated on 12th November 2008 in New York City.,4906,19346,00.pdf

Then, it was the turn of the brave April Fools in London, publishing the NOT The Financial Times, dated 1st April 2009, distributed on 27th March 2009 in London (notwithstanding the sterling efforts of the Metropolitan Police in several roaming vans to find the delivery operation and close it down) :-

Brussels saw its own spoofery with the alternative International Herald Tribune published by Greenpeace, dated 19th December 2009, handed out on 18th June 2009 in Brussels :-

Several of the real newspaper publishers have shown good grace and commented noncommittally, or even praised the spoofs.

With so much effort involved to mimic their publications, they can be pretty sure of no repeat performance.

There’s one spoof, however, that might just make it to a second edition, and that’s the The Guardian (not) supplement that wasn’t from The Guardian, handed out to delegates at the E.On sponsored Guardian Climate Change Summit in London on 15th June 2009 :-

The spooficity pranksters are part of the “Broader Autonomous Network” associated with the Climate Camp, Climate Rush and a bevvy of Coal and aviation campaigners.

They want to publish one or two editions of something not unlike one of the daily newspaper publications in the UK, and do this in the run-up to the Climate Camp, for advertising and recruitment purposes.

If you want to know what’s afoot, please contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction.

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