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One Dead Man

Good Friday. The start of the special Christian weekend when we remember brutal, inhuman torture and a completely unnecessary death.

With the emergence of the social movement around Climate Change and Energy policy, it was to be expected that campaigners and protesters would come up against the ruling systems of the day.

It was entirely predictable that the forces of the State would be ranged against those of us who see the need for deep and lasting change in our society and governance.

What we could not foresee was that the non-accidental death of a non-anarchist would provoke a tidal wave of resistance amongst the mainstream Media, criticising and questioning the Policing of public demonstrations.

Maybe Ian Tomlinson’s death will usher in a new era of understanding between the authorities and the frustrated populace.

Maybe Ian Tomlinson’s death will spark a fresh dialogue between those who understand Climate Change and those who massage public policy.

Our Government has for too long been under the influence of highly-paid business and industry lobbyists, who operate at national, European and international levels, urging compromise and subsidies.

The High Carbon emitters will get their free Permits to Pollute, or pass the costs of de-Carbonisation down to their customers. They will struggle to continue with Business As Usual, even as the storm waves erode the precarious crumbling cliff ledge on which they perch.

It’s so hard to communicate this. Everyone seems to go along with the notion that Carbon Dioxide Emissions should be charged, taxed or priced. But by obsessing about the monetary value that should be given to Carbon, we are missing our chance to do the one thing that will save the day : Just Stop Emitting.

For all the European and national incentives on Carbon Emissions, the sum total of what the UK is responsible for is not decreasing but increasing, when we include imported goods, aviation and shipping.

This has to change, and I fervently believe it has to change fast, faster than most people currently comprehend. For me there is a constant struggle to explain, to engage, to draw people out of their complacency.

I am not alone in this frustration. There are many who feel similar tension. The Climate Camp is just the tip of the melting iceberg.

There will be many more public events highlighting Climate Change. There will be more challenges to the current order. There will be more confrontation, more demands, but please let’s keep it peaceful all of you (including the Police) !

“Easter rising? : Saturday April 11, 2009 : Meet 11:30 am Bethnal Green Police station for 12 noon. Wear black, be silent, be strong. We walk to lay flowers at the spot where Ian Tomlinson died. ‘WE MUST NEVER BE AFRAID TO GO TOO FAR, FOR SUCCESS LIES JUST BEYOND’ (Proust) The question is, will people feel like just going home, meek and mild, after laying flowers? Some of us may feel strongly like staying at that place until Ian Tomlinson and his family get justice. If we did that over Saturday night until Easter Sunday morning, the police wouldn’t dare to touch us. The people are becoming the investigators of the police who are now the prime suspects. Will there ever be such a chance again to turn the world upside down? As Indymedia says, don’t hate the media, be the media. Same logic, don’t hate the police, be the police… and if we are not afraid to go too far, as Proust says, …don’t hate the government, be the government.”

“G20 Meltdown Saturday 11th April 2009 : Date Event date: Saturday 11 April 2009 11:30 by G20 Meltdown : Assemble this Easter Saturday 11.30am : BETHNAL GREEN POLICE STATION
We demand answers. Solemn procession to BANK OF ENGLAND.
We lay flowers at the place where Ian Tomlinson died. A man died on Wednesday at #G20 Meltdown protest. He had head wounds. Answers to questions surrounding his death are demanded.”

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