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G20 Direct Action : Photographs of Vegetables

I got on the train yesterday evening with a very gentle fellow, who was reading a free newspaper intently.

I noticed he was carrying a camera with quite a large lens, so I said to him, “You can’t believe anything you read in the papers”, trying this gambit to get him to spill about what he was doing.

He gave a non-commital response, and we didn’t strike up.

As we continued the journey, I noticed he kept checking his mobile phone, so just before he got off the train, I asked him, “So, what have you been shooting ?”

“Just some flowers”, he said, a little nervously, and then conspiratorially he showed me his digital frame and clicked through some of the said still life shots, “Flowers, and some vegetables”, he commentated.

I congratulated him on his shots, and I asked him where he would post them. He wasn’t sure, so I called out to him as he left “Indymedia ! Indymedia !”

At least he wasn’t injured, unlike some poor fellow mentioned here :-

“Police have been criticised for the force they used to break up protests yesterday, with baton-wielding officers said to be pushing through a line of tents and bicycles and charging a sitdown protest. One photographer has also contacted the Guardian alleging police prevented him doing his job and attacked him, leaving him with a broken arm. He said he was furious at the treatment by officers who appeared to be lost in a “red mist” of anger. “I covered the poll tax riots,” he said. “Yesterday made them look like a Sunday afternoon picnic.” ”

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