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Those G20 Climate Camp Workshops in full

1st Apriil 2009


2pm : Trading our way into Trouble – How carbon trading hasn’t worked so far, why it’s not going to work and the problems it’s causing in the Global South (CarbonTradeWatch).

3pm : Plenary (all together session) – “Their solutions / our solutions” – with starting contributions on “their solutions” and an open discussion on “our solutions”.

4pm : Technofixes – a critical guide to climate change technologies.

5pm : Climate Science – the latest from the IPCC conference in Copenhagen.

6pm : Sustainable activism in the face of the ecocrisis (Network of engaged Buddhists).

7pm : Mutual support in the face of police repressions (Activism Trauma Support).

8pm til late : (all spaces) Ceilidh, Films, musice and poetry.


2pm : Fossil Fuel Economy – How the banks drive climate change (Platform).

3pm : Plenary (as above).

4pm : Environment in Pan-Afrikan Resistance to Market Proxy Wars in Struggle fo Global Justice (YENARAASASE).

5pm : Carbon Trading and Copenhagen – Business solutions at UN climate talks in Dec 09.

6pm : Debt and Climate Change – What the debt crisis in the global South means for climate justice Jubliee Debt Campaign).

7pm : Simple and effective self defence (small group please for safety reasons).

8pm : entertainments (as above).


2pm : A history of direct action in the UK and beyond – an interactive and inspirational workshop.

3pm : Plenary (as above).

4pm : Transition – How we can make a rapid and just transition to a zero carbon economy…and why we have less than one hundred months to do it (New Economics Foundation).

5pm : Copenhagen Climate talks – what are they and what are we doing about them ?

6pm : Poetry versus climate change – how to use poetry as an activist tool.

7pm : Samba Band – Workshop on playing Samba !

8pm : entertainments (as above).

Other workshops that might happen if there’s space :-
– Workers’ Climate Action
– Rossport Solidarity Camp
– Feminist Fightback
– Biofuels
– Songs and creativity
and more…

All times are subject to change. Please ask someone wearing a green workshops sash for more information.

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