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G20 Climate Camp – The Positive People

The London Press today have been thumbscrewing public opinion down against the G20 demonstrations – with fear-laden messaging and nasty tagging of protestors as “violent”.

I’ve overheard several conversations today between various casually dressed office workers moaning about tomorrow’s happenings.

I’ve just been with some of the nicest people in the world at a G20 Climate Camp preparation meeting, people I know quite well from other camping expeditions, people I’d gladly share my tent with if I were going down to camp tomorrow (which I’m not, but anyway).

There were handshakes, kisses, hugs and catch-ups aplenty going on. A real camaraderie building.

There was a long report back from the liaison with the Police, brokered by a Liberal Democrat MP. The Police requests included instructions not to site marquees or sound systems where they could cause obstruction; not to obstruct businesses; and the need to keep the streets clear in case a World Leader needs to use them; and their concern about congestion.

At the end of the formal all-together meeting, Steve the resident wise head reminded us about the principles of non-violence and ideas for de-escalation. He guided us to be positive in our thinking, inclusive, welcoming. He said that if there were any negativity, including towards the Police, it would create two groups which would fight until one side gained control.

Steve reminded us we must look after each other, and try to be as nice and polite as possible. He was roundly applauded.

Finally someone else reminded us that at 7.30pm on Wednesday 1st April 2009 there would be a group meditation, a spiritual event taking part amongst groups all over London, to seek for waves of peace to roll over the City.

And I know that’s when the Christian Anarchists will be holding Holy Communion inside the Climate Camp.

God bless us all.

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