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Lights Out Las Vegas

It seems that everyone is going to turn the lights out for Earth Hour tomorrow 28th March 2009 at 8.30pm. Even Las Vegas :-

Will you join us ?

We want to see your darkness, and the Earth living in Climate peace and harmony. It starts with a collective effort, no matter how token, because we need to act together, all of us, to sort this mess out.

Turning the lights out for an hour is not just symbolic, however, it means something. Turning out the lights, even for just 60 minutes, causes less Carbon Dioxide emissions, the start of our contribution to Energy sanity, the recognition of Climate recklessness, the way forward to Carbon Rationing.

Some history – the first British BLACKOUT was called Come Off It and was called by the Carbon Coach in early 2006. The second event was called “Power Cut” and was organised to coincide with the first Climate Camp on 31st August 2006 :-

You may think turning out the lights is just not for you. You may not have any solid reason to participate. If nothing else, do it for Tibet :-

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