Wendy Wot Won It

Wendy Wot Won It
by Jo Abbess
8th May 2008

My, my, Wendy Alexander is having fun at the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood just now.

Before you ask, I’m in England, but having fun watching her gleeful high-octane antics on BBC Parliament, the freeview television channel.

Yes, I have to admit it. When I’m visiting people I do occasionally watch TV. I turn to BBC Parliament to avoid having to suffer the non-news Sports News.

Wendy’s regular implosional-explosional style at First Minister’s Questions has been burning a fire with increasingly higher ire as time goes by.

She just can’t put up with the Opposition. She’s paid not to. But on this one thing they agree : the people of Scotland should have the right to decide on independent governance.

This week she ratcheted up the stakes by seeming to join the call from the ruling Scottish National Party for an early Referendum.

When asked about a vote, she said in broad daylight on a public television broadcast : “Bring it on.”

And if, in years to come, Scotland regains its economic freedom, it could become obscenely wealthy from the supply of sustainable energy : power from the wind and the waves and tides.

This would be the payback for the theft and waste of North Sea oil and Natural Gas, long appropriated and piped south for the pleasure and prosperity of the English.

Scotland has double the wind profile of England, and Scottish marine engineers could make the National Grid hum with green electricity.

There are oceans of opportunities for Renewable Energy north of the Scottish-English border.

Just as long as large foreign companies don’t impose unworkable schemes on local communities.

Just as long as long as the English naturalist societies are sent packing back south, organisations that have been meddling in Scottish environmental affairs, such as the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and the CPRE (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England).

Wendy Alexander, William Wallace would have been proud of you, seeking to protect the rights of the Scottish people to economic security and political sovereignty, by encouraging secession from Westminster.

Gordon Brown may frown, but I’m smiling.

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