Climate Change

Mini Hockey Sticks

Michael Mann’s giant Hockey Stick is backed up by a lot of other reasearch, from proxies to glaciers. Everything appears to be going up :-

I’d like here to introduce you to two Mini Hockey Sticks that correlate strongly with the evidence from Michael Mann.

A. The National Center for Atmospheric Research in the United States of America, plotting record high temperatures in the USA versus record lows :-

B. From a research paper by Joelle L. Gergis and Anthony M. Fowler entitled “A history of ENSO events since A.D. 1525: implications for future climate change” (published in the journal Climatic Change (2009) 92:343–387 DOI 10.1007/s10584-008-9476-z) :-

As you can see, they follow the same trend as Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick – yet more evidential data that confirms Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Please do let me know what you think of these Mini Hockey Sticks. I shall enjoy reading your comments.

One reply on “Mini Hockey Sticks”

We really need some installation artists. These graphs lend themselves to instant teaching of walkers and people in waiting lines all over populated areas. This would be seen while people, strangers, are together and could connect a little around their common future’s projection. Discussion sites. A few placards on buses … or one great long one on the inside of one bus or the outside. Wouldn’t it matter?

We need to start forming coalitions of scientists and artists and transportation companies and theatres and department stores and ….

And perhaps scientists and artists could begin to insinuate their information and creativity and suggestions into each others websites and blogs.

Issues are converging anyhow.

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