Carbon Capture

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Lots of Government and Business heads have been spun and scrambled by one of the most stupid, ungainly and ridiculous notions of all Energy time : Carbon Capture and Storage.

It’s Carbon claptrap – and you’ve been caught !

A lot of money has been spent inserting the concept through trusted Energy and Engineering companies into the international negotations, seeking “expert advice”.

Many minds have been “captured”, securing the proposal for “cleaning up” coal is heard and accepted in many quarters.

Look, with probable ultimate reserves of Coal much, much lower than most school science books state, and much, much lower than the IPCC reports hazard a guess at, it’s time we realised we can’t be burning more Coal to solve Coal’s Carbon Dioxide emissions problem.

It’s no good letting this idea stick around – it’s time it was wiped clean right out of our minds.

It’s always going to be very, very expensive to suck Carbon Dioxide back out of the air once we’re burned it out from Coal, even with decent smoke stack scrubbing equipment.

Why continue to pay for Coal mining and transportation, then pay again for Carbon Dioxide capturing and storing to justify burning Coal in the first place ?

Far better to shift power sources to Renewables – free, green fuel.

Carbon Capture is “sticking plaster technology” – or “Elastoplast technology” – that’s the word from the chair of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association, Lord Ron Oxburgh – who believes CCS is a “transition” technology only.

We should just ditch the idea and move over to Renewables straight away and save ourselves a lot of time and effort.

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