Behaviour Changeling

Resistance is fertile.

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Better to ban Coal-burning than try to chivvy millions into changing their lightbulbs.

It’s really, really irritating to be told to change our lifestyle ways. People resist, naturally, to micromanagement in their homes.

Real liberty, real democracy, means being able to vote the Coal-burning Power companies out of town.

It also means stopping the silly clownish antics of Climate Change Deniers, Sceptics and anti-Wind farm agitators, so that we can have the choice of a full palette of Renewable Energy technologies wherever we are.

To encourage behaviour change on the kind of scale we need, somebody has to start financing community activists, and stop this reliance on the good hearts of green volunteers.

Paying for behaviour change means creating millions of green jobs, not just in Energy but in Community : public sector Carbon counsellors, insulation workshop leaders, food growing ambassadors, the works.

It also means financing groups that counter non-scientific propaganda from all quarters, including the established Media.

Move over, jaded and wrinkly ancient cynical hacks. Time for some fresh ecological blood.

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