Energy Change for Climate Control
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  • Pet Peeves

    For all my Pet Peeves, visit here :-

    My main Pet Peeves are :-

    1. The failing Nuclear Power industry :-

    2. The very high-cost, high-risk-of-failure Carbon Capture and Storage drive :-

    3. The onus being placed on ordinary citizens to Cut their own Carbon :-

    4. The desperate need to adhere to a truly sustainable strategy for deploying Renewable Energy technologies :-

    Why “pet peeves” ? Go on, admit it : we all have things that annoy us, and I think it’s good to be honest about it.

    A list of my least favourite, frustrating things has to include :-

    drivers opening car doors on cyclists
    drivers revving their engines at 2am in my street
    Police helicopters chut-chutting in a dive over my house at 2am (yes)
    closed Post Offices
    policy to close lots more Post Offices
    telephone call centres
    Internet banking
    war propaganda
    the continuing legality of warfare
    car advertisements everywhere
    television advertisements that are louder than the programmes
    drivers who use their horns on pedestrians and cyclists
    vacuum cleaner noise
    casual littering
    product packaging
    building IKEA furniture
    heavyhanded policing
    office politics
    form filling for fundraising
    bullying in the workplace
    bad science in the Media
    speculative smear journalism
    celebrity journalism
    glossy magazines
    the gender pay gap
    child labour
    violence against women
    the religious control of women
    Christian Creationists
    Intelligent Design Christians and
    Climate Change denial.

    But perhaps the things that get me outraged the most are all to do with Energy, you know, that stuff on which we all depend for modern life.

    I don’t like the way that Energy is controlled by a small group of large players who have propaganda budgets larger than some countries.

    I don’t like the way that Energy policy is decided by a cabal of Energy companies and their favourite cabinet politicians and top ranking civil servants.

    I don’t like the way that, even though we all know now that Fossil Fuels are a dying resource, Energy technology choices are still in the Fossil Fuel arena.

    I do find some people in Alternative Energy hard to take : the Free Energy enthusiasts who don’t seem to understand the basic Laws of Physics; the Greens who object to Renewable Energy technologies; the do-it-yourselfers who don’t seem to realise that not everybody can hammer together a solar hot water panel.

    But what really gets my goat are the Big Technologies being promoted that are so way off the mark :-

    New Nuclear Power
    Carbon Capture and Storage
    Unconventional Oil
    Methane Gas Hydrate mining
    Geo-Engineering (to compensate for the Fossil Fuelled Global Warming)

    And most of all, what really has been screaming and stamping is the absence of an over-arching strategy of how we are going to green up Energy in the timeframe allowed to avoid the onset of dangerous Climate Change.

    Fingers out boys (and girls). Get moving !