Energy Revival

We need an Energy Revival !

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Whatever happens in the next 50 years, one thing is sure : mountains of Energy infrastructure will need installing and replacing.

The International Energy Agency calculate we need to spend something in the order of $45 trillion dollars in the next 45 years to maintain industrial economies.

The question is : what will that money all be spent on ?

And the other question is : how wise is it to rely on the availability of cheap Fossil Fuels (and cheap Uranium) in the next half Century ?

And perhaps the overridingly important question is : when are we going to get on with it ?

The more time spent in shuttle debate about technologies and “who pays ?”, the less time we have to get it all sorted out.

Poor Energy management means poor Climate management, and so it’s vital we brush off the flies of failed and failing proposals and get on with building the really useful kit.

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