Energy Polls

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Q1. Do you follow stories in the media
about energy prices ?
Q2. Do you think that we may have
to get used to higher energy prices ?
Q3. Would you be happy to pay
more for energy ?
Q4. Will you make plans to change the
way you use energy in response
to any price changes ?
Q5. Do you think that energy
can be kept affordable ?


Q1. How often do you read press reports
that discuss disruption in the
supply of crude oil ?
Q2. Do you think there may be a reduction
in the range of foreign produce available
in supermarkets ?
Q3. Would you be happy to change your
lifestyle in the event of fuel scarcity ?
Q4. Do you have plans to change your private
or business travel options ?
Q5. Do you think that we will still
drive privately-owned vehicles
in future ?


Q1. Have you heard any news that mentioned
strong global competition for coal supplies ?
Q2. Do you think we might have to get
used to rising coal prices ?
Q3. Would you welcome coal becoming less
economic for electricity generation ?
Q4. Would you consider changing your
electricity supplier to a company that
burns less coal ?
Q5. Do you think that domestic coal
production can bridge potential gaps
in imports ?


Q1. Do you pay attention to environmental campaigns against coal mining
or coal power stations ?
Q2. Do you acknowledge the concerns about pollution from burning coal ?
Q3. Would you support the closure of coal-fired power stations ? Q4. Would you be prepared to have a biomass gasification plant in your town to replace a closing coal plant ?
Q5. Do you think that there will be environmental problems whichever kind of power generation we use ?


Q1. Have you seen any news stories
about discoveries of Natural Gas
deep under the sea ?
Q2. Are you concerned that Natural Gas may be getting harder to find ?
Q3. Would you support laws to halt
the practice of venting and flaring
Natural Gas from oil wells ?
Q4. Would you be prepared to use electricity for heating instead of Natural Gas ?
Q5. Do you think that new technology will
make it easier and cleaner to
produce more Natural Gas ?


Q1. How often do you find articles in the press
about “unconventional” energy, which
includes shale gas, Arctic oil and
tar sands ?
Q2. Do you think the world will need to exploit all sources of fossil fuels, regardless of their quality ?
Q3. Are you keen to see more vehicle fuel being produced from non-fossil sources ? Q4. Would you be prepared to buy a replacement vehicle with lower fuel consumption ?
Q5. Do you think that price rises for complex resources of oil and gas can be kept to a minimum ?


Q1. Have you heard reports about how
vehicles can run on compressed
Renewable Gas made from animal and
plant waste ?
Q2. Do you think we will need to give up using petrol and diesel burning cars in cities for air quality reasons ?
Q3. Are you keen to see cleaner-burning engines in vehicles ? Q4. Would you be ready to save money to buy a new compressed gas car ?
Q5. Do you think that compressed gas cars
could have the same performance and
economy as diesel and petrol cars ?


Q1. How often do you notice news coverage about nuclear power plants ? Q2. Do you think we will need to admit that ageing nuclear reactors pose significant risks ?
Q3. Would you be happy to see plans for new nuclear power plants abandoned ? Q4. Have you switched, or will you consider switching electricity supplier, to an energy company that sells renewable power ?
Q5. Do you think we can replace the nuclear power stations scheduled for closure with renewable energy ?


Q1. How often do you see news about the global rise in solar and wind power ? Q2. Do you think that campaigners will need to drop their resistance to wind turbines ?
Q3. Would you be happy to have more
solar roofs in your area ?
Q4. Are you considering, or do you already have, a solar panel or a wind turbine at home ?
Q5. Do you think the energy companies
can install enough wind and solar
power to meet the UK’s renewable
energy targets ?


Q1. How frequently do you hear information about energy being wasted at home and in offices and public buildings ? Q2. Do you think that energy conservation will help with meeting carbon emissions targets ?
Q3. Do you think that insulation, draught exclusion and efficient machines are desirable ways to save energy ? Q4. Have you or will you take energy conservation measures at home, such as adding roof insulation ?
Q5. Do you think that energy conservation services can make a profit for energy companies ?

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