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Copenhagen Punk’d

It appears that the Yes Men have staged a huge coup at the Copenhagen Climate Change talks. First they issued a Press Release saying that Canada was going to offer 40% Carbon Emissions reductions. And then they held a Press Conference with a delegate from Uganda to herald the news – see the video here :-
“Canada: We Accept Concept of Climate Debt : Canada gives details of new “Climate Debt Mechanism,” announces details of pilot program in Africa. Ugandan delegation lauds proposal.
Peter Jensen 14/12/2009 13:20″
“Copenhagen spoof shames Canada on the truth about its emissions : An ambitious plan to cut carbon emissions 40% by 2020 seemed too good to be true – and it was, as the Yes Men strike again” Posted by Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent Monday 14 December 2009
“Prankster group Yes Men take credit for Canada climate hoax : Kelly Cryderman, Canwest News Service Published: Monday, December 14, 2009”,_mayhap/
” Canada Gets Punk’d In Copenhagen: Work Of The Yes Men, Mayhap? By The Huffington Post News Team, Huffington Post : So, did you hear the one about Canada making a huge splash at the COP15 Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen by completely reversing its climate change policy and setting aggressive new carbon reduction targets? Well, then you’ve heard about a high-concept prank, which seems to have been perpetrated by someone willing and capable of going to dizzying lengths to show policymakers what they should be doing to combat climate change. We’re guessing this is probably the work of the Yes Men, obviously!”
“DECEMBER 14, 2009 : Canada Announces Major Shift at COP15 Climate Summit : Declares new emissions reduction targets, outlines pilot program on adaptation financing for Africa : By GUSTAV RAINER : Canadian delegates to the United Nation Climate Summit in Copenhagen announced a significant shift in the country’s climate stance today.”
“Confirmed: Yes Men Behind Prank Of Canada At COP15 : First Posted: 12-14-09 10:26 AM : UPDATE (5:55 P.M. EST): Huffington Post Green Editor Katherine Goldstein, who is in Copenhagen at the COP15 Climate Change Summit, spoke to Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men earlier this evening about today’s prank — and Bichlbaum confirms that the Yes Men, were behind it. Asked about whether he thought he might be sued for today’s stunt, Bichlbaum quipped, “Yes. I think Stephen Harper is so mad that he will personally sue us. And yes, so will the Wall Street Journal.”

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